Saturday, January 23, 2010

Red & Dead Again

graphite & putty eraser,with watercolour/30x20cm

Being the latest drawing to be processed, slowly against the prevailing natural 'light' conditions of the lingering & enervating seasonal gloom, from the subject/object matter of found roadkill 'Readymade Cubism', pleasingly compressed, crumpled & folded into a flatter reformed state than its previous in-the-round three-dimensionality, & displaying sufficient of a synechdochal fragment of its familiar brand name & design to allow a positive ID, along with another nod towards the naming-of-colours practice of Mr Jasper Johns, also more generally present in referential terms.


Low 'Things We Lost in the Fire'
The Woodentops 'Giant'
Elliott Smith 'Either/Or'
The Triffids 'Born Sandy Devotional'
Cat Power 'The Covers Record'

A soundtrack tending mostly towards the sombre (enlivened by a shot of Rolo McGinty's manic energy), much of that rather subdued too, befitting the seasonal atmosphere of cold, damp mists, everything deadened.

Venturing out into the chill embrace of such unwelcoming atmospheric conditions necessitates the appropriate insulation against, not least woollen headgear, woven – in the interests of aesthetic integrity (note the combination of style & substance!) – into a grid pattern, TOoT’s good old modernist friend & favourite...

Pleasing textural detail too, in the interests of both visual & physical tactility...

Not unlike, it may be observed, the grounds of a number of still life oil paintings-as-objects from the archives, of which this is but one example (circa 2001)...

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