Sunday, January 03, 2010

Return of the Grid(s)

Delighted today to notice, upon passing the frozen pond as pictured previously on New Year's Day, the presence in the grid-format fence of a section patched by means of not just one but a veritable visual, formal feast of a further two grids, one of silvery wire in diagonally-halved form behind a bolder, stronger rusted iron one, creating a compelling, complex arrangement: modernism is alive & well into the post-noughties...

Further to the subject of diamond-format grid patterns, this wonderful image of Braniff Airlines hostesses modelling rather fabulous 1960s Emilio Pucci-designed uniforms is to be found within Stephen Bayley's sumptuous volume & intriguing thesis 'Woman as Design',

which pattern structure in turn brings to mind a visual analogy in the form of an example of Chuck Close's latter style of painting, in this case a self-portrait.

Chuck Close (from 'Close Reading' by Martin Friedman, Abrams, 2005)

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