Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shot On Sight, On Site

Presenting today a photographic record of one of those perfectly serendipitous occurrences when a fine example of aluminium can 'roadkill' (also of a brand not encountered thus previously) is found alongside a stretch of the local 'double black lines' corrective road markings, the scene bathed in the most welcome morning sunshine...

In the context of photography, the last week saw the broadcast on BBC4 of the wonderful TV documentary 'The Man Who Shot the Sixties', featuring the life & work, rehabilitated, of Brian Duffy.
Towards the end of the programme, the man himself - whilst contemplating a pair of electric plug sockets set low into a wall of the gallery where a retrospective exhibition of his work was being hung, & declaring the object to be art, 'if one says it is' - was of the the opinion, self-inclusively, that such & the thoughts of artists should not be given any credence, given that artists, habitually, are 'liars' & express nothing but drivel when speaking, writing of their work (&, presumably, art generally), & that the work, the visual evidence, is 'the statement' (definitive).
Quite where that might leave this particular blog & its like..?!

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