Sunday, July 04, 2010

Another Burst of (Water)Colour

graphite, putty eraser, wax crayon & watercolour/30x20cm

Following a brief hiatus in the series of 'roadkill' diptych drawings(-paintings, into which they're evolving), due to a surprising lack of suitably-intriguingly-reformed object/subject matter (surprising given the enduring volume of discarded cans still littering & found in the gutters), the bursting upon the scene (of a road surface crossed on the way to the day job one morning) of this particular example as represented thus enables the continuation of the (side-)project.
In keeping with the previously most-recent work as processed, this (under)drawing (some of the marks of which remain as prominent traces, rather in the manner of a print, it might be noted) was subsequently treated to an allover layering-in-discrete-brushstrokes (of varying density, of course) of watercolour, thus rendering the work a painting at its surface.
One of the technical challenges was to represent the very subtle differences in hue between the inner & outer (or, rather, 'brushed' & more polished aluminium) surfaces of the can, & the light-inflected shifts even within these.


Mark Mulcahy 'Fathering'
Jesca Hoop 'Hunting My Dress'
Cat Power 'The Greatest'

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