Monday, July 05, 2010


Out of the 'studio' & into the field (as it were) once more, & the encountering of another delightful 'roadkill' find, the object itself observed in close proximity to a second significant object in the form of a grid, adding another formal element to the composition, the black- & (almost complete) blankness of the space between the bars of the grating serving to compromise any reading of particular depth & thus largely maintaining the integrity of the flatness of the modernist picture plane.

Note also what one might read as the accidental shifting to the left of the 'printing' of the topmost layer of the lower of the double black lines, enabling each of the three 'archaeological' layers of paint to be observed clearly as such &, as a further 'incidental' touch, encroaching across part of the grating in an explicit statement of the 'picture' surface & the facture of such...

Pretentious, moi..?!

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