Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Digression...

or brief interlude, perhaps, from the habitual object/subject matter of the 'roadkill' as represented in a variety of media, BUT maintaining the commitment to found objects-as-models, however, with a composition featuring a pair chosen from the small collection of pine cones that have been picked up - as a matter of habit - from those fallen, scattered upon the pavement & thus available for such a purpose at the outset of the occasional walks home from the day job...

graphite & putty eraser/30x20cm

Of course, one might note that such objects allow the continuation of the recently-introduced current geometric concerns with verticals, horizontals & diagonals: furthermore, in such mathematical vein, the space between the objects is equal to the height of the leaning cone to the right (which tendency just crosses the central division of the picture plane), this space then repeating (more or less) from the right of the object itself to the right-hand extent of the page, which somehow seemed an appropriate arrangement in the interests of a certain pictorial dynamic.

There occurs also a familiar 'bottom-heaviness' of essential form to the objects, to which I remain attracted, given a long history of drawing, painting & photographing pears, as as featured occasionally during the course of this blog (not least last September, for example) & significantly prior to that.
In the particular instance of the pine cones, of course, the additional formal complexity of the splayed scales encourages an intensely-concentrated contemplation in the process of such a 'measured' representation as this drawing.


Test Match Special England v Pakistan 1st Test, day 1

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