Tuesday, July 20, 2010

With Reference To...

Representing the familiar 'roadkill' found object/subject matter, of course, but indulging in another of those occasional slight deviations from what has become the habitual norm.

graphite, putty eraser & watercolour/30x20cm

Considering the particular nature of the 'accidentally' reformed object, its sharply-angled outline & the curve at the base, recalled very much such an example of Cubist painting as Braque's 'Pedestal Table'...

Georges Braque 'Pedestal Table' 1911
oil on canvas/116.5 x 81.5cm

Accordingly, with such a reference in mind, the composition progressed, drawn 'allover' first, subsequently mostly erased, with the object centrally positioned, although a 'landscape' format was preferred to 'portrait' when considering the road surface context upon which such source objects are found, affording the opportunity for a layered grey monochrome 'ground'/surface to incorporate tonally-modulated reference also to the 'double black lines' road markings (with underlaying yellow ones, occasionally 'showing-through') as often pictured photographically in proximity to such examples of 'roadkill' cans encountered thus, with the yellow 'highlights' (perhaps somewhat overdone in overall pictorial terms) relating to the yellow strip at the base of the represented object.


Jesca Hoop 'Hunting My Dress'
Hanne Hukkelberg 'Rykestrasse 68'
Black Box Recorder 'England Made Me'

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