Sunday, July 18, 2010

Painting & Drawing

More can carnage to be found upon a couple of discrete sections of the double black-lined local roads this morning, pictured thus, with both stretches of the thrice-painted & -layered straight lines featuring instances of flowing pencil-thin lines, fissures, incised into one of each of the pairs, along the framed lengths, providing an interesting visual contrast, & an additional element of 'drawing' into the scenes:

(note how the fissure lines of 'drawing' also spread across the tarmac surface in this first instance, & the significant incidents of underlaying & revealed yellow paint colourfully enlivening the overall mononchrome surface)

Somewhat 'reduced circumstances' for each of the 'roadkill' objects, the first appearing rather 'whittled down' (to its essence, one might argue, given the significant synecdoche of its brand name remaining available to view), & the second instance being neatly, sharply folded into a more compact form...

On the subject of curious & possibly unique road markings, here's another example of such, illustrating a certain, slightly absurd news story that caught TOoT's magpie eye last week (as inevitably it might), also concerning an item of 'roadkill' in relation to such a feature (indeed, the poor deceased in question being the catalyst for the occurrence of), albeit of a more conventional kind (i.e. animal in nature) than habitually appears hereabouts...

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