Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Badge of the Day #59 (Hutnik Kraków)

Returning to the subject of the still-burgeoning collection of European football club badges, today we present an object representing the favoured name of Hutnik Kraków, who came to notice during the period of their ascension to the Polish top-level ‘Ekstraklasa’ in the 1990s, the very zenith of which earned them a place in the 1996-97 UEFA Cup & thus a continental profile.
As ever, on-pitch achievement has little bearing, other than oft being the catalyst that brings a team to attention - there’s just something inexplicably, indefinably, romantically appealing about the name, which has endured whatever vicissitudes the club might have experienced.

KS Hutnik Kraków existed as such from 1984 – 2010, at which point the debt-riddled club was dissolved before being reconstituted under a different branding reflecting the Nowa Huta district of its home city, thus the badge dates from some time during this period, the object’s appearance bearing witness to a certain vintage, which quality hauntologically informs it in the familiar manner.

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