Friday, January 24, 2014

Badge of the Day #61 (Lommelse SK)

Another of the very recent additions to the European football club collection is this object representing Lommel, or Lommelse SK, whose name as such sadly ceased to be in 2003 (although, via mergers & rebrandings, are now known as Lommel United), but happened to be another of those, like Genk & Westerlo, that held a particular appeal amongst those encountered via Ceefax when indulging in the weekly treat of checking the Belgian aspect of the selected European league football results & tables in the early years of the millenium.
Again, there just seemed, & enduringly seems, to be something ineffably romantic about smallish town/city Belgium, or its football teams, both in themselves & in relation to the bigger familiar names domestically & who enjoyed a significant continental profile in the less financially-imbalanced 1970s & 80s.
The club’s green & white colours, as represented on the badge, that hauntological object of desire, physical manifestation of the ghost of the name, are, of course, another aspect of the appeal, partial as we are to that combination.

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