Thursday, January 23, 2014

Badge of the Day #60 (KVC Westerlo)

Today’s recently-acquired specimen for the collection features another of our particular favourite names in the form of Belgium’s rather lovely Westerlo, which somehow always seems to have had about it a certain poetically melancholy charm, utterly irrespective of the team’s footballing prowess.
Westerlo, currently heading the Belgian second division in their attempt to regain promotion to the top flight, would have come to attention at the very cusp of the old & new millennia, as their domestic profile rose to the highest level of the league structure & subsequently even a brief sojourn in continental competition, & the attachment to the name has endured since.
The badge itself, featuring the club/municipality crest, displays no particular vintage in its objectness, but still, bearing that romantic name, it’s another to be sported on the lapel with an affectionate pride.

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