Friday, January 17, 2014

Found Object (of Desire)

Yesterday turned up a rather fabulous discovery, via the workplace (essentially a former Library that is now one of those redesigned, new-fangled ‘Learning Zones’, an ironic study resource replete with the usual time-wasting technologies), that appears very much as though it should belong on the delightful pages of the ‘Found Objects’ blog but is nonetheless represented here in at least selections of its profound glory.

Here then is ‘The Landscape of Roads’, authored by Sylvia Crowe & published by The Architectural Press in 1960, an irresistible period piece, illustrated with the most wonderful photographs, of empty or not more than lightly-trafficked roads, signage, bus shelters &, best of all, modern European filling stations comparing favourably with their British counterparts (& blimey - do they ever: the French example is particularly magnificent, with its ‘AZUR’ & encircled star logos), with lovely line-drawn plans also included for good measure: a veritable treat in book-form, please enjoy the view.

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