Sunday, January 26, 2014

Badge of the Day #63 (Seljak Cvetojevac)

Presenting today a most welcome addition to the collection & a badge featuring Seljak Cvetojevac, a rather wonderful name full of eastern exoticism that has recently emerged from out of the Serbian obscurity in which it resides (the second level of the Kragujevac league, apparently) & into consciousness, instantly attractive & ripe for a spot of favouritism.
The badge as object, representing the club’s crest, is delightfully desirable – the Cyrillic representation of the name has the familiar aesthetic appeal, of course, as does the ‘communist’/Yugoslav red star motif, the appeal of which is in this instance intensified by the presence of the sickle within (a signifier of Seljak’s peasant/farmer roots), whilst the fresh, pale green ground is unusual in a football context, where darker tones & more emerald colouration is closer to a norm. It’s a lovely thing.

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