Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Boddies Transformed...

graphite & putty eraser, with watercolour/30x20cm

This drawing-as-processed features as its subject/object matter the flipside of the found 'roadkill' can drawn immediately previously.

There's something about the overall grey & distressed, degraded off-yellow (with accents of rust) colour scheme of the object-within-the drawing-plane that particularly recalls many an example of 'Hermetic' Cubist painting, this then reinforced by the triangular form (although inverted from the archetypal predominant Cubist design), the folded, overlapping planes (with, too, the occasional curve sensualizing the 'intellectual' hard-edged geometry) & the incidence of synechdochal fragments of branded lettering & design (see Braque's 'Le Portugais', as used to contextualize the drawing a couple of posts previously, physically down the page or linked here).


Moon Wiring Club
'Asda: the Music'
, 'A Field Full of Sunken Horses' EP,
'An Audience of Art Deco Eyes' & 'Shoes Off and Chairs Away'

A veritable Moon Wiring Club extravaganza to accompany the drawing process over the course of this particular instance, inspired by blissblog's flagging of & links to the generous freebies available via The Wire, in the form of a new MWC 4-track MP3 EP & a fabulous 'mix tape' featuring all manner of electronica & found 'nostalgic' sound clips, wonderfully creatively juxtaposed, the latter of which comes accompanied by its very own expertly-realised 'period' artwork. If all this weren't enough, further evidence of Mr Ian Hodgson's (for it is he) all-encompassing aesthetic & all-round genius is provided by a picture gallery featuring a short series of new book cover illustrated designs, with written explanation, in the finest traditions of this area of the artist's activity: treat yourself to & treasure these delightful gifts without further ado.

By way of one of those strange but deliciously serendipitous coincidences, following on but barely a week after the posting of the Moon Wiring Club 'ASDA' music mix, what should lead the 12th Feb edition of The Guardian's 'Film & Music' section but this article on the subject of the phenomenon of 'supermarket radio' stations, with particular reference to none other than Asda FM (in-store & also available online - how appropriate & convenient is that to expand the cyber-shopping experience)!
How wonderful might it be to shop along to MWC's mix, though...(with thoughts that the sometimes unsettling nature of events &, indeed, the generally spooky air of proceedings, might be likely to curdle the dairy products, or something!).

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