Sunday, February 07, 2010

'Roadkill' in the Slow Lane...

graphite & putty eraser, with watercolour/30x20cm

'Slow' being the operative word this past week, with this particular drawing having been processed over an unintentionally extended period of eight days (four of which were 'actively involved'), given the constraints of time, the available portion of which was compromised further & considerably by the dismal conditions of the seasonal gloom, which could seldom be described as anything approaching the clarity of (natural, day-)'light': let it be over soon, please...

The found, 'Readymade Cubist' object/subject matter itself, kindly & irresistibly offering a neat, branded summation of & critical commentary upon the usual art-ramblings herein, rather suggested, when inverted, formal associations with numerous 'Hermetic' Cubist compositions, discernibly tending towards the dominant triangular, such as in the following example:

Georges Braque 'Le Portugais'
oil on canvas, 117x82cm/1911

(note the purely coincidental - but most serendipitous - visual & phonic echoes of Braque's synechdochal fragment of stencilled lettering 'BAL' with the word 'Bull' branded upon the object in the drawing, which reads as the latter half of its named, familiar identity.
Also how the nature of the marks forming the ground of the drawing - half of them erased as far as possible to the physical state of remaining traces, in the now-habitual manner of such diptychs, of course - might be said/seen to echo Braque's graphic sign to represent the idea of 'guitar strings' in his composition.
Furthermore, the darker tonal areas of the design upon the surface of the object might suggest similarities with such in the painting, as indeed might the incidence of silvery surface highlights...)


Low 'The Great Destroyer'
Jesca Hoop 'Kismet'
Manitoba 'Up in Flames'
& 'Start Breaking My Heart'
Mazzy Star 'So Tonight That I Might See'
Sparklehorse 'Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot'

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