Monday, February 22, 2010

'Found Drawings'

A glance out of the window at 7.50ish a.m. gave cause to disrupt the finely-calibrated getting-out-to-work routine (a monstrously uncivilized & soul-corroding activity) this morning, but the drawing of vapour trails to be observed in the cool blue sky was simply too good an example not to capture, thus...

then tracking the progress of one of the lines-in-motion, the drawing further unfurling before one's eyes/camera lens...

More examples of such 'found drawings' as networks of vapour trails can be observed on Page 1 of the found drawings resource on Loughborough University's TRACEY contemporary drawing research website.
Jazz Green, as mentioned previously, also has photographic work, in the manner of her 'found paintings', featured at this very same location.

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