Thursday, February 18, 2010

On the Road Again #1

graphite & torn paper collage/30x20cm

Expanding the field of vision from the focus & intense concentration upon the subject matter of the ‘roadkill’ cans, this particular drawing is based on a return to the source at which such objects are found, i.e. the tarmac road surfaces &, more particularly, those local examples that feature the ‘double black lines’ markings, captured in photographic form & posted on various occasions over the past four years (including a few recent examples, featuring ‘roadkill’ as found in situ).
Rather than reference a specific photograph(s) as a model (as might the desert or lunar surface drawings of Vija Celmins, for instance), the drawing serves as a more general exploration of the road surfaces, also featuring such physical aspects as occur in the form of other painted marks & drainage grids, for example.

Employing the familiar form of overlaid broad mark-making to the ground, the torn edges of the collaged paper strips – which also provide an element of three-dimensional, low relief texture to the picture surface, themselves being overlaid in the manner of the correctively-painted black-over-yellow of the source – supply an additional aspect of linear ‘drawing’.


Jesca Hoop 'Kismet'

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