Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Surface/Depth (On the Road Again #4)

watercolour & torn paper collage/30x20cm

In the manner of the previous example, this 'black', 'antithetical' watercolour endeavours to construct a denser surface yet, deeper in tone, but one that still allows an appreciation of the complexity of its facture & the process of such through the preservation as much as possible of the individual marks & layers of its making, in order that such a surface/depth formal dialogue might be set up & encourage a more intense study.

Again referencing & representing (thus 'remediating') photographs of local tarmac road surfaces & their double black line (over yellow) markings, the ground of the painting on this occasion began with layers of Ivory Black, then overlaid with numerous ones of Payne's Grey (the tendency towards blue of which brings out the complementary brown in the black) before final surface touches of mossy Olive Green, Veridian, Prussian Blue & Raw Umber, a range of tints discernible to varying degrees upon & in the tarmac as observed & photographed. The collaged strips of the lines are multi-layered Payne's Grey with a surface wash of turquoise.


Moon Wiring Club 'Striped Paint for the Last Post' & 'A Field Full of Sunken Horses'
Jesus & Mary Chain 'Darklands'

Impossible not to submit to the urge to give 'Darklands' a spin under the circs...

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