Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Empty Vessels

A slight departure here, in using watercolour more for the rendering of the sort of effects of light & transparency to which it more naturally lends itself as a medium.
In terms of subject matter, we find ourselves taking a break from road surfaces & 'roadkill' too, although in the case of the latter it's still a still life composition of objects which also, of course, happen to be empty product packaging, gradually relieved of their contents during the course of yesterday evening, their pleasingly colourful potential for being pressed into modelling service then appreciated this morning (in those moments whilst waiting for the kettle to boil for the first cup of tea of the day), lined up ready for the recycling boxes.

graphite & watercolour/20x30cm


Elliott Smith 'From a Basement on the Hill'
Galaxie 500 'On Fire'
Sigur Ros 'Takk'

...& the mighty Mark Mulcahy's lovely 'Fathering' whilst blogging, via Last FM.

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