Thursday, November 14, 2013

Badge of the Day #3 (Dnepr Dnepropetrovsk)

And so the exhibition of items from the collection continues, today featuring the badge & mighty name indeed of Dnepr Dnepropetrovsk, which must have come to attention in 1984-85 when the club’s European profile was at its highest – they reached that season’s European Cup quarter-final stage, only to be eliminated on penalties by Bordeaux following two 1 – 1 draws - during the period of the club’s zenith of domestic success in the Soviet Union during the 1980s (twice champions & twice runners-up in the league).

Again, 'Ostalgie' features here, at least in terms of nomenclature, with the Russian/Soviet-era ‘Dnepr’ enduring in preference to the subsequent Ukrainianization into ‘Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk’.
Of course, a cyrillic-scripted badge is going to be attractive for its ‘difference’ in a Western context, so this feature, in addition to the fabulous name, makes the object one very much of desire.

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