Saturday, November 16, 2013

Badge of the Day #5 (Lokomotiva Praha)

Today’s badge from the growing collection represents the previously-unknown (until the recent activity of badge-acquiring began) Lokomotiva Praha, a club no longer in existence as such but instead currently going under the name of Loko Vltavin, who, under whichever brand, appear to have operated somewhat below the highest echelons of Czech football, which relative obscurity only adds to the(ir) appeal.

Whatever the changes in nomenclature, this particular Lokomotiva Praha pin badge, however, endures, an historic object no less (as, indeed, a number of the badges are, names &, sometimes, crests having moved on with the passage of time), & is an exquisite little thing, its cream (presumably once white) & green colour scheme certainly imbuing it with a vintage, nostalgic quality, perhaps rather like the livery of an old-fashioned bus, to be sported on the lapel with quiet pride in the face of the modern world.

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