Monday, November 18, 2013

Badge of the Day #7 (RWD Molenbeek)

This latest exhibit from the European football club badge collection features another departure from the predominantly eastern preoccupation thus far, today heading west to Belgium & the exceedingly prized object-of-desire representing the mighty RWD Molenbeek, one of the truly magnificent names of continental soccer, seductive upon first encounter all those years ago when they were included amongst the Results pages of an October 1974 edition of Shoot! magazine, in the process then of eliminating Dundee, on a 5 – 2 aggregate, from the first round of that season’s UEFA Cup competition, & enduring since as a perennial favourite.

In the notably fleeting landscape of Belgian football club formations & nomenclature, RWD Molenbeek as a club/name in itself existed from 1973 - 2002, formed from a merger of two clubs – Racing White & Daring Brussels, the former itself being a previous melding of Racing Brussels & White Star – into something eminently more Molenbeekishly glamorous.
Subsequently, a supporters’-created club bearing the name RWDM 2003 was (re)born (currently sitting at the foot of their division with 8 points from 11 games which have resulted thrice already in concessions of 5 goals & once of 6, about which there's something rather noble), but there also now exists an RWDM Brussels, previously known as FC Brussels, whose name has gradually evolved over the years since KFC Strombeek moved into the dissolved original RWDM’s stadium (which both of these clubs now call home) & then became known as FC Molenbeek Brussels Strombeek(!).
Whatever such complications & confusions, here at TOoT (which itself underwent a rebranding, of course!) it’s the original RWD Molenbeek to which we’re attached as exotic-romantic-wonderful name.

Actually, given all this, we’re seriously considering FC TOoT Molenbeek as a viable re-rebranding of the blog at this very moment of writing…

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