Sunday, November 17, 2013

Badge of the Day #6 (Vasas Budapest)

Today featuring Vasas SC of Budapest, one of the truly great romantic names of Hungarian & European football: pressed as to precisely why this might be the case, I wouldn’t be able to offer a more plausible explanation than simply ‘because’, but that matters not, of course.
If memory serves, I seem to recall the name of Vasas first appearing on the radar via a feature in a mid-70s Shoot! annual (or similar publication), detailing 1973 FA Cup winners Sunderland’s subsequent European adventure, that began, alas, with a victory over Vasas in Budapest & on aggregate (before ending in defeat at the next stage to the mighty Sporting Lisbon, but what a shame European football was denied the aesthetic of another Vasas – Sporting encounter, as not unattractive as the colours of the Sporting – Sunderland tie were).

Again, there’s an engaging vintage to the object itself, appropriate to the glamour of the Vasas name & the grandeur of the capital cities of Mitteleuropa, representing as it does the club’s blue & red colours with the fabulously elegant logo, a triumph of design (just take the time to admire the manner in which the large ‘S’ serves both the ‘Vasas’ & the ‘SC’, & the minimalism of the inverted ‘V’s of the ‘A’s, sheer perfection), in gold.

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