Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Badge of the Day #9 (Bodø/Glimt)

The latest exhibit from the European football club collection represents the graphically striking logo & rather fabulous name of Norway’s very own Bodø/Glimt, one of those that proved seductive upon first encounter & has endured as a favourite, second only in domestic terms to the mighty Stromsgodset, since.
Although not necessarily one of the most successful powerhouses of Norwegian soccer (not that this matters a jot in the affection & supporting stakes - we're so far from being glory-hunters here at TOoT), a couple of Cup wins apart, the club's occasional forays into the continental competitions are always welcome.

Outside of the purely footballing sphere (for we are rounded individuals here), the geographical fact that the town of Bodø, with, linguistically, its cool accent bisecting the ultimate ‘o’, is located, thrillingly remotely, a little beyond the Arctic Circle (although not as far north as Tromso) only adds to the allure.

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