Monday, November 11, 2013

Still Life With Badges

objects on canvas

OK, this all sort of started as a consequence of the recent 'Teenage Armchair Ferencvaros Fan' post, when searching for images of some of the Hungarian teams mentioned to illustrate the text happened to return one such picturing a Raba ETO Gyor lapel pin badge, the like of which instantly became a must-have object of desire. Two months on, we appear to have something of a collection, still slowly burgeoning, here exhibited on canvas, with the addition of a few already-owned music-related badges (one indeed - the New Order one - that must be of a vintage of over 30 years), that, informed by Peter Blake's utilization of such iconography & representations of such objects, could also, perhaps, be considered a partial 'Self Portrait With Badges'.

Peter Blake 'Self Portrait With Badges' 1961 (detail)

Peter Blake 'Drum Majorette' 1957

In the manner that, via his self portrait, as a fan sporting the insignia of his passions, Blake pledges his allegiance, literally pinning his colours, to American culture (popular, political) rather than his native English one (although he is also flying a representation of the Union flag on his jacket, & Blake's 'Drum Majorette' does feature at least a couple of European footballers amongst the 'medals' she sports on her represented tunic), the above canvas serves to illustrate the previously-stated romantically-inclined personal devotion to (the names of) European club football, one that captivated from the very beginnings of an interest in the game.

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