Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Badge of the Day #24 (Panathinaikos)

Today’s example from the football club badge collection features Panathinaikos of Athens, whose wonderfully exotic name & green kit rendered it impossible for them not to be favoured amongst the teams of Greece & indeed Europe: precisely which date they might have appeared on the radar cannot be recalled, but, as a keen student of the history of the European Cup, & given the club’s presence in the 1971 final of that competition, it must have been quite early doors in my football-following career.

Historically, in terms of trophy success, the second team in Greece, Panathinaikos feature most seasons in the continental club competitions, always a welcome addition although it would perhaps be good to see them at the business end of proceedings more often than in recent years, allowing for a pedigree that includes a further pair of European Cup/Champions League semi-finals. Whatever, they retain the affections of TOoT, where success on the pitch is always hoped-for but never a deciding factor in inspiring devotion.

In terms of the badge itself, the presence of the letter forms of the Greek alphabet obviously add to both its aesthetic appeal & exoticism.

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