Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Badge(s) of the day #48 & 49 (Gainsborough Trinity)

A Merry Christmas from TOoT to all our readers on this festive day, which features as its ‘Badge of’ not one but, with topical over-indulgence, a pair representing the mighty name of Gainsborough Trinity, the very favourite of our English Non-League clubs just because of, essentially, that wonderful, quintessentially English name, which seems redolent of an earlier, less hyperbolic & nonsensical period in football’s history, yet resonates down the years from when, during the early twentieth century, the club were members of the actual Football League (from which they were scandalously & utterly unwarrantedly excluded in 1912).

The badges themselves obviously feature two periods of design history, representing, to the right, the current club crest &, left, an earlier version, what is desirable to consider as being from the 1970s, such are the aesthetic inclinations hereabouts.

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