Friday, December 06, 2013

Badge of the Day #26 (SM Caen)

Following yesterday’s stop-off in Le Havre, today we take the opportunity to linger in Normandy & thus feature the badge from the European football collection representing SM Caen, who also register on the favourite teams radar due to fond experiences & memories of the place & also, typically, the blue & red colour combination of the team’s kit, which always exerts a strong aesthetic attraction.
The club also bears a rather fabulous name, too, of course – 'Stade Malherbe': how could one fail to be seduced by a team’s association with the suggestion of a stadium of sick/bad grass? Surely, the club should have established twinning links back in the day with Derby County & the legendary mudbath that was their former home of the Baseball Ground (a ‘Stade Malherbe’ if ever there was)?
The modern design of the club crest is rather striking too, with the suggested football/’S’ emerging from the red & blue horizontal stripes, a nice touch of minimalist economy of communication.

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