Saturday, December 21, 2013

Badge of the Day #44 (Dynamo Moscow)

This latest example from the European club collection displays a formal novelty in its diamond shape, simply & classily representing Dynamo Moscow, with the vintage yet timelessly elegant flourish of the ‘D’, & their home city proclaimed in always-irresistible Cyrillic lettering, giving that cachet of east European exoticism to the crest & the object of the badge itself, another to be worn upon the lapel with an air of understated cool.

Again, there’s always been something appealing about the east European penchant for those ‘Machine Age’ modernist names, to quote such Muscovite examples as ‘Dynamo’ & ‘Spartak’ & ‘Lokomotiv’, which are inherently so much more, er, dynamic than the prosaicism of the preponderance of the domestic English Uniteds, Towns & Cities, enlivened by but precious few alternatives of nomenclature – whatever the reality, the ideas seem seductively romantic, which illustrated example proves the point.

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