Monday, December 16, 2013

Badge of the Day #39 (Galatasaray)

Today’s exhibit from the European club collection features Galatasaray, another of those exotically-named & -kitted teams (yellow & red halved shirts – like a Turkish take on Partick Thistle) that early-on in one’s personal football-following history exerted an irresistible attraction which has endured to this day.
Unlike, for instance, Budapest, Prague & Moscow, where there’s an affection felt for a number of those cities’ clubs, even if one or other is slightly favourite, there’s definitely only one team of the numerous in Istanbul, & that’s Gala.

As the most domestically successful of Turkish clubs, Galatasaray invariably appear in the European tournaments, & mostly to a certain stage of advancement, so their profile maintains a level of high visibility, but one recalls especially the night they won the UEFA Cup, in 2000, emerging victorious from a penalty shoot-out after hapless Arsenal had squandered what seemed like enough goalscoring opportunities to have won 10 matches, a triumph to savour all the more in such circumstances, somehow.

Although this particular badge doesn’t have anything of that especially desirable vintage quality to it, still it represents the stylish design of the club crest, with the swan-like ’S’ intertwining with the ‘G’ in those red & yellow colours, another object to be sported in dandy fashion.

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