Thursday, December 12, 2013

Badge of the Day #35 (Zenit St Petersburg)

Featured from the collection today is the badge representing Zenit St Petersburg, one of the more glamorous names of Russian soccer, &, indeed, as upwardly mobile as could be, one might say, something reflected in the club’s performance over the last 6 or 7 years, the most successful in their history.
As represented on the club’s crest, the Cyrillic-scripted form of the name has a certain modern elegance, or elegant modernism, to it, enhanced by the exoticism of the accompanying text & the sky blue & white colour combination, making the badge another ‘must-have’.

Last night Zenit hardly covered themselves in glory in losing 1 – 4 to Austria Wien (yet still managing to scrape through the group stage of the Champions’ League – exactly the sort of thing that gives a lie to such a name, riddled as the second round draw of that tournament will be with also-rans), but there was a nice coincidence in that A & I were at that very time nestled snugly in the cinema, enjoying the lovely film ‘Museum Hours’, itself set in Vienna & providing many an intriguing glimpse of the city, old & modern, in grey winter light & snow, which could be considered to be the fourth member of the cast, after the two human leads & the Kunsthistorisches Museum of the title (& its wonderful collection of art, of course – ah, the Rembrandts).

On the subject of the human cast, intriguing it was to encounter Mary Margaret O’Hara in one of her acting roles, her true identity given away on the occasions in the narrative when she sings, to herself & comatose cousin, a reminder of the wonders of her voice as experienced on her/the one & only ‘Miss America’ album, which remains within the TOoT vinyl LP collection, surely destined for a turntable spin very soon now.

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