Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Badge of the Day #55 (MSV Duisburg)

To end the year, today’s badge from the collection returns us to European football clubs & a suitably vintage object representing Germany’s MSV Duisburg, who, only after researching a little light Bundesliga history to support the reading of ‘Tor!’, Ulrich Hesse-Lichtenberger‘s ‘story of German football’, have relatively recently been revealed as the modern nomenclature of the club formerly known as ‘Meidericher SV’, as they were at the time of their being original members of the German national league in 1963 & until 1967.
Having been refused a licence to continue operating at the second level of German domestic soccer at the end of last season, MSV currently reside in the third tier, but still they remain one of the favourite names amongst the country’s teams, particularly those of the old West.

As can be appreciated from the badge, the ‘MSV’ logo that forms the central focus of the club’s emblem is of particularly striking design, much more art than might be associated with football, rendering the object a necessary addition to the collection for such aesthetic values & the dash of dandyism it suggests when sported upon a lapel.

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