Saturday, February 01, 2014

Badge of the Day #68 (Kischpelt Welwerwolz)

One of the latest, & particularly thrilling, acquisitions (having arrived from Zagreb) is this most desirable object  representing Kischpelt Welwerwolz, which is quite possibly one of the very finest names in European & indeed world football, only recently discovered but straight into the chart with a bullet, & a most welcome initial addition to the collection from Luxembourg (had the legendary Jeunesse Hautcharage still existed as such, they might well have been the first), in which football backwater itself the club languish in somewhat deeper obscurity (although, research reveals, not beyond the range of the wonderfully comprehensive RSSSF statistics archive), operating at the fifth, lowest, level of the Luxembourg domestic league structure, where they habitually finish at or near the bottom of their division, & making only fleeting appearances in any given season in the early rounds of the national cup competition from which they are usually swiftly eliminated, but of course such on-field trifles matter not, for the name in such instances is all. And crikey, what a splendid name it truly is.
From the all-important aesthetic perspective, the royal blue & white  ‘kw’ design of the lettering upon the football-based logo is rather striking & beautiful in a modern(ist) fashion, thus the badge is a fitting object with which to coolly dandify a lapel & promote the magnificent name of FC Kischpelt Welwerwolz. Come on The ‘Pelt!

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