Sunday, February 09, 2014

Badge of the Day #73 (Vojvodina Novi Sad)

Today’s example represents the fine & exotic name of Vojvodina Novi Sad (in the glory of its native Serbian Cyrillic) in the form of what appears to be a desirable object of Yugoslav-era vintage, during which time the name would have come to attention & lingered romantically since as amongst those to be regarded with affection from that (former) part of Europe – not necessarily in quite the same league as perennial favourites Red Star Belgrade & Hajduk Split, perhaps, but still ‘The Vodge’ (& being aware that it really is pronounced ‘Voy-’) are one of those teams we hope to see at the business end of their league/cup, hopefully successfully enough to qualify to make a foray into the continental competitions, resplendent in the red & white halved shirts that only add to their allure.
On the subject of which, if history were able to be rewritten, Vojvodina might well have contested the 1967 European Cup Final, in an attractively-named & -kitted match-up with Internazionale, had they not lost, alas, to a very late Glasgow Celtic goal at the quarter final stage, although, then again, in an ideal world, it’s perhaps doubtful they would have overcome Atlético Madrid after a replay in the previous round: whatever, Vojvodina’s is a name that surely should have graced a European club final or two.
This Vojvodina badge is in fact but one of a batch of eight newly-acquired from Kruševac in Serbia, arriving as they did in some style, as might be appreciated from this photograph of the beautiful envelope containing the objects: look at those wonderful stamps, for instance.

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