Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Badge of the Day #75 (Kristal Zaječar)


This recent Serbian addition to the collection features Kristal Zaječar, a name to have appeared on the radar even more recently than Timok, & a club about whom & whose history it’s proved impossible thus far to unearth any information (although a Kristal glassworks appears to have existed in the city, founded in 1965 & productive until 1990ish, thus they might well be the factory football team, a hunch supported by the inclusion of a goblet-type icon within the design of the crest), but another, however obscure, to find itself at least represented in the form of a rather fine badge, again featuring the ever-desirable Cyrillic rendering of the club’s name as well as a western alphabetical version, & a ‘Yugoslavian’ red star in addition to, in this instance, the detail of a little relief football upon its surface, asserting its objecthood: clearly, it’s another of those vintage objects to be sported with some style & regarded with nostalgic, Ostalgic affection.

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Computers&Medicine said...

Yes you are right. It was one of many industry tied clubs that were formed in post WWII era in Yugoslavia. It is from same town as FC Timok - Zaječar.
An speaking of pins, FC Kristal could probably be nominated for the FC with most pins made :) Serbian collectors say there are around 1300