Monday, February 10, 2014

Badge of the Day #74 (Timok Zaječar)

Today’s  example features, in essence, Timok Zaječar, a name that’s only recently come to attention, via a little light ebay-browsing (although this badge, another of those from the Serbian consignment, was acquired from another collectors’ site, Delcampe), but which nevertheless finds itself represented in this instance in the form of an object of considerable aesthetic delight – its unusual trapezoid shape, the sky blue ground, the Cyrillic rendering of the name ‘FK Timok’, the lovely, vintagey font of the ‘1919’ & the sharply stylized graphic silhouette of the rather balletically-dynamic footballer figure, all contribute to something quite exquisite in terms of design & objecthood, an already-treasured addition to the collection.

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