Saturday, February 15, 2014

Badge of the Day #79 (Trešnjevka Zagreb)

Another example from the recent consignment sourced from Serbia, featuring Trešnjevka Zagreb, who represented Yugoslavia on one occasion in the old Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, in 1963-64, briefly, going down 1 – 4 on aggregate to Portugal’s Belenenses, which, indulging in some archive research, is where I would have discovered, some time down the years, what is the rather lovely & romantic name.
With the club, from this high point in their history, having slipped down the now independent Croatian league structure, it was a pleasure indeed to become reacquainted with the name via the chancing-upon the badge, across which desirable object it is to be found proudly emblazoned, in gold that echoes the surrounding leaf motif, over the green ground of the club’s colours, along with a Yugoslav-era red star (the current club crest features in its stead, in the upper left triangle, the Croatian red & white chequerboard), thus situating the badge within a particular historical period, of which it exists as hauntological artefact, with the potential for inducing a little ‘Ostalgie’, in the familiar manner.
Back to the name, & with no disrespect to Dinamo, of whom we might be little fond, but how much more ‘aesthetic’ it would be were Trešnjevka the top team in Zagreb, & qualifying to make regular forays into the continental club competitions. A perfect world it is not, alas, but still we can acquire & sport our favours to promote the great names & their colours.

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