Friday, February 14, 2014

Badge of the Day #78 (Dubočica Leskovac)

Another of the consignment recently acquired from Serbia, on this occasion representing the newly-discovered & rather lovely name of Dubočica Leskovac.
The crest, as embodied by the badge, is, of course, a classic of the good old Eastern European modernist ‘industrial’ type, featuring as it does the sturdily elegant graphic representation of a cog-like factory building with a smoking chimney stack (‘established in 1923’), exactly the sort of iconography that Peter Savile might have appropriated or been influenced by back in the earlier days of his designs for the mighty Factory Records. The Yugoslavian red star atop the bronzey-lettered Cyrillic rendering of the club name (& that of Leskovac too, below), & the striking design of the red/white diagonal division additionally contribute to what is a most desirable & already-treasured object indeed, to be sported with considerable style & pride.

Alas, Dubočica currently languish at the foot of the eastern division of the third-level ‘Srpska Liga’, but this is surely only a temporary blip & such a fine name will rise to its rightful place amongst the higher echelons, although, of course, on-field success is merely an impostor that has no significant effect on affection.
That being said, though - how about Dubočica Leskovac v, say, Kischpelt Welwerwolz as a glorious-sounding not-so-distant future Champions’ League Final? Here at TOoT, it will happen.

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