Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Badge of the Day #83 (Ararat Yerevan #2)

This very latest addition to the collection features for the second time Ararat Yerevan, of whom we’ve already acquired & blogged a rather lovely Russian-Armenian bilingual badge, on this occasion more specifically celebrating their one-&-only Soviet league championship, achieved in 1973: as such, it’s a vintage artefact of some significance, declaring the feat & Ararat’s status as ‘champion’ of the Union in the Russian Cyrillic alphabet (it’s interesting to translate into the club’s native Armenian too, something quite different again: չեմպիոն), locating it tangibly in time & place, hauntologically inspiring that certain nostalgia for the old USSR/SSSR/’CCCP’ of one’s youth.

Aesthetically, there’s a restrained elegance to the design, with a simple, repeated decorative motif added to the basic functionality of the facts, as they were: it’s a nice, & of course essential, object.

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