Monday, February 03, 2014

Badge of the Day #70 (RWD Molenbeek #2)

Another of the recent acquisitions for the collection, in the form of a second badge representing the glorious & highly-favoured name of RWD Molenbeek, &, in this instance, what might reasonably be regarded as the classic red, black & white RWDM crest, from the original club’s heyday in the late 1970s – 80s, that was subsequently adopted by the reconstituted ‘2003’ club.
More on our devotion to RWD Molenbeek can be found here, supporting the posting of an image of the first badge, & further to the subject of memorabilia concerning the original club, below is (re)presented another recent discovery & acquisition, the official brochure previewing the 1980 – 81 season, which is, as might appreciated from the selection of photographs, pure archive gold, with bilingual features, player profiles & also including a host of ads for products, places & services, as any match programme from the era would, lavishly illustrated.
It’s tempting to add that every home should have one, but TOoT Towers, & the library thereof, is very proud to now house such a delightful publication.

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